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2011 State of the Union address

1:00- Why is everyone wearing a ribbon for Congresswoman Giffords except for the President?

18:00- 100% agree that parents need to step up and start encouraging school and learning. The “No Child Left Behind” act should have been replaced the minute congress passed it; all it did was tell kids that they don’t need to try as hard as they could because no matter what it’s impossible to “fail”, it gave kids no incentive to try.

22:10- Coming from someone who is terrible at math, I absolutely agree that there should be more emphasis on math and science throughout K-12 schools. And if Pres. Obama wants more people to step up and become teachers to teach our children, then maybe he should think about raising their salary.

-Afterthought on the earlier comment about education: Why give kids the option to drop out of school in the first place? If you took that option away maybe it would give kids an incentive to try a little more, because they know there’s no “out” if they decide they want to just give up. That might be a far-fetched idea with a lot of bugs to work out but it was just a thought.

36:54- A proposal to freeze annual domestic spending for the next 5 years? Around minute 10 he wanted to “out innovate, out educate, and out build the rest of the world”…seems like doing all of that will cost the US a pretty penny in the end. I know you have to spend money to save money sometimes, but “out-building” the rest of the world seems like an impractical use of government spending.

44:41- Putting government spending online so that the American people can see how it’s being spent should have been done a long time ago.

55:00- My attention span is getting shorter, I keep looking at the VP and the Speaker of the House. Is it just me or does VP Joe Biden look like the Jeff Dunham character Walter?? Google it. And I don’t think that the Speaker of the House would smile even if a leprechaun carrying a pot of gold walked into the room.


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